Your pilot, John Lumley, is a well seasoned veteran with over 28,000 hours of flight time including 34 years with TWA and owning and operating his own flight school and   aircraft restoration business.

  Captain John was also 3 time USA   National Unlimited Aerobatic   Champion in competition gliders   and flew in 3 World Contests   representing the USA.

  Your aircraft is a Cessna 172 which   holds the pilot and 3 passengers.   The aircraft is powered by a   Lycoming 150 hp engine and   cruises about 110 mph in flight.   Each passenger is provided with a   headset which allows them to listen   to the narrated tour and speak   directly with the pilot. The   passenger in the front seat has the   opportunity to try some hands on   flight during your scenic tour.

  Photo opportunities start at the   airport with all passengers and   family next to the airplane, selfies   during flight and photos of your   property if it is near the route of   flight.

  Sights include the Pirate Hideaway   and Pirate Ship, Omen ll house,   13.2 million dollar Coleman Estate,   Burnt Rollaway Dam and boat lift,   Franciscan Monestary, tour of the   Cranberry Bogs at Lake Columbus   and more. This 30 minute tour is   guaranteed to please everyone.

  Longer flights may be booked for   those wanting to go further   distances as St. Germain,   Minocqua, Land O Lakes, Cisco   Chain of Lakes and more. Let us   know your desires and we will   make a plan to fit your needs.